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How to Hang Wallpaper

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How to Hang Wallpaper

Hanging wallpaper is not as hard as many people seem to think, although it does take time and attention to detail; sometimes hiring a professional is worth the investment. If you decide to give it a go yourself, here are some tips:

•  Look for a pattern that will be easy to match at the seams.

•  Be sure to take the time to prep your walls, sanding and spackling as needed to ensure a smooth surface.

•  Apply a coat of sizing to the wall, which will make hanging, and removal, of the wallpaper easier.

•  Try to plan to have exposed edges away from windows or artificial lights that will highlight the seam.

•  Consider starting and ending in a corner so that any misalignment in the pattern is less noticeable. Paper does not typically
   adhere well if you try to apply it around a corner.

•  Before hanging the paper, roll it in the opposite directing to counteract the existing curl and make it easier to work with.

•  The most noticeable areas will be the center of the wall, between windows, and area at eye level, so focus particular attention
    to ensuring those areas are smooth.

•  Bubbles are common; if they don’t dissipate as the adhesive dries, use a pin to make a small, unseen puncture to release some of
   the air and smooth out the air bubbles.