55+ Real EstateSelling March 22, 2023

Best Time to Sell in 2023? It’s Coming Up

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What makes this week in mid-April so great is that sellers can expect there to be less inventory on the market, making homes listed more in-demand. The report forecasts that there will be 9.3% fewer sellers that week. Inventory remains below pre-pandemic levels still, so while inventory was up 65.5% at the start of 2023 compared to 2022, it is still 43.2% lower than 2019.

Additionally, sellers can expect to get to get a higher price, with the site predicting they will get $48,000 higher asking price, or 12.1% higher, compared to earlier in the year. Home prices are expected to be 2.1% higher compared to the average price throughout the year and be up $8,400 compared to the typical week throughout the year.

Homes will also move 18% faster off of the market compared to the average week. In this same week in 2022, homes were off of the market in 32 days, 13 days less than the weekly average throughout the year. While homes aren’t expected to move as quickly as 2022, it is still anticipated they will move faster compared to the average week this year.

And the percentage of buyers browsing Realtor.com® will also jump, with the site predicting traffic will go up 16.4% that week. In 2022, views in the week of April 16-22 rose 32.5% compared to the average week throughout the year.

In Pennsylvania, right now, next week, the week of March 26 will be best for those sellers in the Philadelphia region, while Pittsburgh follows the national trend and sellers should expect to see their best week be that of April 16.